These are fun events for girls to get together in a relaxed environment to simply socialize and have a good time.  Food and drinks, games, activities, and music are some of the activities provided.  Plans are to host these social events every few months, three to four times a year.



Every summer there is an annual camp that is themed and all inclusive of the targeted investments of our mission.  As we pursue grant opportunities, we want to provide additional camps, such as in the arts and sciences.  With these efforts, we will also connect with other organizations, universities, ministries, and businesses to expand our reach and influence.

We also seek partnerships with schools to offer after school day camps that fulfill the mission of our organization.



This is a once a year event hosted in the fall to bring in girls from local and surrounding areas to participate in initially a day of motivational speaking, training, activities, etc.  Other efforts will include us partnering with other like-minded organizations to be a part of their conferences in whatever way we deem necessary.


Round Table Discussions

Because we care about what girls are going through and want to genuinely know how we can assist them, we are offering these opportunities for girls to openly share what’s on their hearts and minds without being judged. We then take this information and tailor programs, resources, and events to help target those areas.



Community Service

We believe that in investing in our girls, it is vital that they learn the importance of giving back to others.  We believe that each person’s life was created to be a blessing to someone else’s life, so we provide opportunities for girls to serve.  We also believe that the best leader is not the one who waits to be served by others, but the one who reaches out first to serve others.


Field Trips

We want girls to be able to experience life to the fullest, to be exposed to many avenues of life, so we provide opportunities for girls to go to museums, plays, concerts, ballets, etc.



We understand that in order to have effective, honest, and compassionate leaders, they must be trained. We must intentionally and attentively pour into the next generation.  We are currently developing an in-depth program for teenagers, ages 14-18, who are willing to commit to receiving intense mentoring for 6-12 months. Twelve girls will be selected in each 6-12 month period. They will participate in the other program offerings, but ones specifically tailored to them in building leadership skills. They will have completion assignments, whereas the other events’ requirements are primarily on a voluntary basis and geared mainly for our focus group of ages 8-14. At the end of the mentoring period, the girls will participate in a community graduation service. These girls will then become the mentors to younger girls, ages 4-7.  We also want to offer scholarships to this group of girls.



These will be offered to the girls and their families to help build relationships and for personal growth.  Some of the topics we will focus on raising awareness concerning mental health, suicide, domestic and family violence, etc. We seek to form partnerships with schools, organizations, universities, ministries, and businesses to secure grants and vital resources to accomplish this.