Our History


Founder Tierashia Adair received a vision to have a ministry/non-profit organization to teach girls about loving God, themselves, and others.


Tierashia filed paper work in Waller County under the name of A Message of Love ministries as a DBA.

2007 - Current

Tierashia Adair started working with a small group of about 8-10 girls in Waller County during the summers. As a teacher who had summers off, she dedicated her time, money, resources and gifts to invest in these young ladies. These young ladies learned spiritual lessons; practical, life lessons; participated in community service projects and went on field trips.

Word soon got out, how much fun it was to be engaged in the summer program, so more girls wanted to participate. The increased numbers caused Tierashia to have to reach out for assistance for both volunteers and financial expenses. God always provided what was needed.  In 2017, 66 girls participated in the in the camp.

With a small group, the camp started off as a two month adventure. Girls would have classes twice a week and then on Fridays and/or Saturdays, they would do community service projects and go on field trips. As the numbers grew, the program became a two week camp. When Tierashia went on her first mission trip in 2014, the AMOL camp then became a one-week camp and has remained as such since then.


Tierashia received instruction from God to take AMOL to the next level, so she got busy moving towards getting the business side of things together and planning activities for girls to participate in all year long.  In November of 2017, A Message of love ministries became a Texas Non-Profit Corporation under its new name, AMOL: A Message of Love, Inc.  Shortly afterwards, they received their 501c3 tax exempt status with the IRS and registered with the Texas Comptroller.

In March, AMOL: A Message of Love, Inc. hosted its first social event. Girls enjoyed fellowship, food, games, photo booth, and positive music.

Plans are well underway for this year’s summer camp to be hosted in July. This year’s theme is Overcoming Life’s Obstacles.

AMOL Girls Silhouette Multi-Opaque